Jasper & Glass Pearl Challenge

imageimageToday is reveal day for the Jasper & glass pearl challenge that is hosted by Lisa Lodge of PineRidge Treasures. I have to say when I got the kit I was a little disappointed in the Jasper beads as I thought all Jasper beads were more mottled but I was determined to do something with them regardless. It proved to be a challenge all the way. I purchased some snap rings at the hardware store to wire wrap the big beads too, that took me way longer than I thought it would to make them so in between I made the white pearls into jewelry, at least that turned out good. I wanted to be sure to have something done. Then back to the wire wrapping, I finally got all three pieces done and then was going to string them on some wire so I could add a little more wire wrapping. No that didn’t work either as the wire wouldn’t go through the beads, so I had to come up with plan B and that was to to string everything on beading wire. Then I decided to add one more challenge and that was to use some crimp bead covers to hide the crimps. I really love how it turned out, the earrings don’t match it as I made them with antique gold rather than copper but I don’t wear earrings anyway so it won’t matter.

I had fun coming up with designs with the white pearls, I love making three strand bracelets and thought it would be fun to make one with white and silver. Mostly I’ve been making them with antique gold.

I want to thank Lisa for hosting this challenge, I can’t wait to see what everyone else has made. The posts are starting out on Face book in the Pine Ridge Treasures group so check there to see more.


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