Andrew Thortons Water & Fire Challenge

When Andrew Thorton posted the challenge for the Water & Fire kits, I knew I wanted in. I received the Fire Kit and really had a lot of fun with it. My first set I used the neat pendant that Andrew created and really love the pretty oranges, reds and yellows that I put with it.




My second necklace I created the pendant out of stained glass to go with the bead chips. I also incorporated some of the waxed linen thread into this too for my dangle.

My third necklace was inspired by a video I watched this week so added a little copper with my beads.
My next set I used more of the clear beads and added some copper chain.

I was determined to use as much of the kit as I could so finished with a bunch of earrings.

Lastly is my box of leftovers, it’s really hard to use up a whole kit but I tried. Thanks Andrew and William for great kits and challenges.

Allegory Starling Wing Challenge

image image imageIts time for the Starling Wing Reveal. I was thinking it was a little later in the month but managed to get lots accomplished when I sat down to work on the kit.

Nugget beads are a real struggle for me so after I made a couple pairs of earrings I decided I was using the nuggets this time. I wired wrapped them and attached to each other as I went. I’m very happy with how my necklace turned out.


Thank you to Andrew and William for coming up with these challenges. Can’t wait to see how everyone else used the kit.

image image image image image image image imageI love making earrings and used something from all parts of the kit this time although still lots left.

Andrew Thorton Mystery Challenge Blog Hop


Andrew Thorntons Brave Angel Reveal

When Andrew posted this challenge I couldn’t resist because I have a two year anniversary coming up in January.  I loved the component so I made a necklace with matching earrings. Then since earrings were so fun I just continued making them although I still have beads left.

Thanks Andrew for another wonderful challenge. Make sure you check to see what the others have made.image image

Andrew Thorntons Dreaming Tree Challenge

I’ve had a crazy month but will show what I’ve completed with the kit. I learnt how to do some etching with an engraver in a jewelry class and even though my etching still needs lots of work I decided to incorporate it into this bracelet.  My next piece is still a work in progress but this is what I have going so far. I would like to make my own chain to make a necklace but the pendant alone took me way longer than I thought.

Thanks again Andy for a great challenge and wonderful beads.


Andrew Thornton’s Sweet Honey Challenge

I joined Andrew Thorntons Sweet Honey Challenge this month and made this necklace. I started out with a piece of wire that I soldered together and then did some wire wrapping.

Thank you Andrew for hosting this challenge.image

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